State Playbook

The days of forcing girls to take home economics, while boys take wood shop, are long gone. But gender inequality in U.S. schools remains.

Today, one in five women, as well as many LGBT and gender-nonconforming students, will experience sexual violence during their time in college. Many turn to their schools for support, only to be ignored, dismissed, or blamed — and without support, many survivors are forced to drop classes or leave school entirely. Violence and institutional indifference cost too many students the opportunity to learn.

Although Title IX and the Clery Act require schools to take action to address gender-based violence, these federal laws set only a floor for schools' responsibilities to create safe and equitable learning environments. States can and should do more to keep schools from sweeping sexual violence under the rug.

Know Your IX's State Policy Playbook outlines key reforms that students, advocates, and state policymakers can pursue to support survivors on campus, keep students safe, and end gender-based violence in school. If you are interested in using these policies in your advocacy or state legislation, please contact us for assistance at

Download our State Policy Playbook (PDF)
The authors gratefully acknowledge our readers Alexandra Brodsky of the National Women’s Law Center, Abbey Marr and Diana Rhodes of Advocates for Youth, Terri Poore of the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, Laura Dunn of SurvJustice, Karen Moldovan of the State Innovation Exchange, and the Know Your IX team for their contributions, feedback, and guidance.