In 2017, Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, began the process of rolling back years of civil rights protections for students across the country by rescinding guidance on Title IX. 

Last year, we made our voices heard by participating in the Notice and Comment process, collecting over 100,000 comments in support of student survivors and enforcement of Title IX that is fair for everyone. Since then, the Department of Education has been reviewing these comments and revising their proposed changes to Title IX. Now, in the middle of a pandemic, the final rules have been released, and schools have until August 14th to alter their policies–rolling back rights for survivors in their communities. Student survivors who are already struggling to complete their education during a public health crisis are now tasked with responding to changes that roll back our rights.

But our fight isn’t done yet. We won’t fall back and watch as students’ civil rights are ripped away. We need your help to mitigate the harm of Devos’ final rule by organizing in your community to protect student survivors.

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