Join Know Your IX and End Rape on Campus for seven weeks of dedicated action to #ReclaimRedZones and fight campus sexual assault.

The first day of school marks the start of what’s commonly referred to as The Red Zone, the first few weeks of college when undergraduate students are most likely to be sexually assaulted. We know that The Red Zone is one of the most critical times of the school year for sexual violence prevention, awareness, and activism, as some studies show that as many as up to 50% of sexual assaults take place during this period. But instead of focusing on what students can do to end The Red Zone, many campuses and media focus on how dangerous this period is, or how to curb drinking. The way people talk about The Red Zone additionally only focuses on how at-risk students are, and has a narrative that centers young, straight women instead of all folks, especially the students of color and LGBTQ folks who are disproportionately impacted by sexual violence. We can’t forget that The Red Zone is also one of the most critical times for sexual violence prevention, awareness, and activism. 

We know that the most powerful changes in campus sexual violence are driven by those most impacted by it: current and former students.

Students at the University of New Mexico initially began their #ReclaimTheRed campaign to turn this period of concern into one of of action and awareness. End Rape on Campus and Know Your IX are proud to join these efforts, and ask you to #ReclaimRedZones with us.

#ReclaimRedZones is a seven-week action campaign designed for activists like yourself to combat the epidemic of sexual assault both on your campus and nationally during this crucial time period. For the next seven weeks, EROC and Know Your IX will release a weekly action that you can take to increase sexual violence prevention and survivor support on an institutional level. Through these actions, together we can work to end The Red Zone and make college campuses safer for all students.