Betsy DeVos is making it easier for schools to backslide on Title IX and sweep sexual violence under the rug. Write an open letter and demand that your school comply with Title IX and maintain policies that align with the Dear Colleague Letter.

Title IX—a landmark federal law—affords all students the right to an education free from sexual harassment, violence, and discrimination. In order to help students understand their rights under Title IX, the Department of Education issued the Dear Colleague Letter (or “DCL”), a document that outlines schools’ obligation to address campus sexual violence. The DCL clarified that schools must provide survivors with the accommodations they need. It also detailed robust procedural protections in school disciplinary proceedings for complainants and respondents.

With the help of the Dear Colleague Letter, students across the country asserted their rights and successfully reformed sexual misconduct policies on their campuses. Unfortunately, these gains are under threat. Betsy DeVos has stated that she plans to revise the Dear Colleague Letter; in response, some schools are already weakening their policies and backsliding on their obligations to survivors.

It is more important than ever that you take action at your school! Students need to know that their school has their back. Stand up and tell your school to maintain policies that comply with Title IX guidance. Whether this is in the form of a petition, an open letter, or just a one-on-one meeting with your administrators, it is imperative that we rally together to ensure that our schools will continue to support survivors.

This toolkit provides resources for you to start up an open letter campaign to push your school to maintain policies that comply with the guidance. It includes tips on drafting the letter, garnering signatures, and spreading the word in your community. If you have questions about this toolkit, email us at

This toolkit is modeled after Maya Weinstein’s successful effort to organize alumni in support of Title IX at George Washington University. Many thanks to Maya for inspiring this effort and for her help drafting its contents.