Bring us to your campus, conference, or training!

Our speakers are dynamic, passionate activists who have been leaders in the national struggle to end sexual and dating violence on college campuses. We speak at all kinds of events, from conferences to sit-ins, offering a variety of talks including keynotes, trainings, workshops, and panels on a range of topics for students, advocates, and other audiences.

All of our presentations take an intersectional approach to exploring issues of gender-based violence and strive to build concrete skills and knowledge. We intend our audiences to leave our trainings with a better understanding of intersecting oppressions and their role in sexual violence, actionable ideas for enacting change, and strategies for self-care and community-building. You can find a list of content we offer regularly below.

Know Your Rights, Know Your IX: Understanding the civil rights statute Title IX, and the protections it requires for survivors and LGBTQIA+ students.

Our Rights, Our Campus: Learning the laws, and using them to analyze campus policies and develop demands, organize for increased resources, and reclaim our campuses.

Media Matters: How to leverage the media and stay in control of the narrative as we work to break the silence and change our campuses.

Changing Laws, Changing Minds: How to take action in your city or state to change local laws and increase educational protections and resources for survivors.

Know Your Rights in High School: Title IX applies to K-12 as well as college campuses, learn how to understand the civil rights you have under Title IX in high school!

Every training listed above can be tailored to meet the specific needs or interests of your group. Additionally, we’re always open to creating a customized workshop or speaking program – just let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll work together to create it! For more information please contact or check out our website