Get Updates on the Title IX Rulemaking Process

Get Updates on the Title IX Rulemaking Process

On September 22, Betsy DeVos rescinded Obama-era guidance and announced that the Department of Education would be issuing binding regulations on Title IX. In order to create these regulations, the Department must go through a process known as “notice and comment,” which allows members of the public to voice their opinions on the Department’s proposed rules. The Department of Education has announced that notice and comment will begin in March.

We highly encourage students, their families, and allies to participate in notice and comment. If you are interested in receiving updates when notice and comment begins, please sign up for updates. Know Your IX will provide you with a toolkit to help you navigate the process of writing a comment.

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  • The fight against sexual violence in schools has ignored the stories and experiences of survivors. Which is why we teamed up with artist Katie Watson to refocus the survivors who carry the weight of sexual violence with them every day.

We're centering the survivors who are constantly left out of the conversation around sexual violence--despite facing disproportionate rates of sexual violence and lasting impacts. 
We hope to remind folks that despite everything, survivors rarely get the justice they deserve or the safety they need.

Schools often value the education of perpetrators over survivors'-- despite what the Trump Administration would have you believe. Already, about 1/3 of survivors are forced out of college. 
Join us and take action through art. This administration is doing everything in its power to ignore survivors -- don't let them. Link in bio. 
You can learn more about the artist and view her other work here: @katiedaze
  • Join us outside of the department of education at 1pm to tell Betsy DeVos to keep her #HandsOffIX art by: @katiedaze //
  • Today, students from Harvard and MIT delivered their letter opposing DeVos’ proposed rule signed over 875 students, parents, faculty, and staff. Student’s refused to let devos rollback their rights without a fight.

There is still time to join a #HandsOffIX action happening tomorrow in DC at 1pm and NYC at 3pm. Check out our Facebook to learn more.
  • ☎️ TONIGHT ☎️ Join student leaders like @chloeesuxx, @wasatch7, and @shanta_kat to learn how you can take action to stop DeVos’ attack on survivors’ rights and keep the Trump Administrations’ #HandsOffIX. Link in bio
  • The 60 day comment period has begun. Interested in taking action? Start by heading to to participate in the notice and comment process and signing our letter to the Department of Education opposing the proposed rules. #HandsOffIX
  • Don’t have time to read 149 pages? We broke down the 9 most important parts of DeVos’ proposed rule for you.
  • Its time to take action and submit a comment to stop DeVos’ attack on Title IX. Join us and @endrapeoncampus in telling DeVos to keep her #HandsOffIX. Everything you need is in the link in our bio.
  • BREAKING: The comment period on DeVos’ proposed rules will open tomorrow! Get ready to take action and keep the Trump Administration’s #handsoffix. Learn how to write a strong comment with the link in our bio!
  • We have shown that the solution to stopping sexual violence is to center and invest in the leadership and ideas of survivors and young people.

Which is why we are excited to announce our new program, IX-High. A cohort of high school student and survivor change-makers. With the mentorship of college activists, these brilliant leaders are fighting back and demanding high schools take sexual violence seriously.

If you can, donate to Know Your IX to help us grow this program and work towards a day when there are no more #MeToo stories to tell.
  • Support survivors this #givingtuesday. Donate $25 to help us fight back against DeVos’ attack on survivors’ rights.

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If your school (like so many others) is falling short in its policies and procedures in response to gender violence on campus, student activism can be crucial to effecting change. Whether your campus needs policy and judicial process reform, has a lack of crisis response and counseling services, or needs greater prevention education, the Campus Organizing Toolkit will walk you through legal requirements and organizing strategies needed to plan an effective campaign.

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