Title IX Under Trump

Title IX Under Trump

On September 7th, 2017, Betsy DeVos began to roll back federal guidance on Title IX. While her comments demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of the law and perpetuate myths that harm survivors, your rights remain intact. No matter what Betsy DeVos says, Title IX and the Clery Act are still the law of the land. Use these resources to stay informed and up to date.

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  • Let’s talk Title IX and disability rights. #KnowYourIX
  • The world war isn't pending, it's been here. Check out @answercoalition to find upcoming #NoWarWithIran protests near you.
  • Happy birthday to Congresswoman Patsy Mink. A trailer blazing woman who changed the course the history for our education system. .
Today and everyday, we are grateful for your leadership and vision of a more just and equitable future. 
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  • Support survivors this #GivingTuesday with our “I Support Survivors” shirts and tote. (Link in bio)
Since 2013 KYIX has defeated over a dozen bills that would have harmed student survivors. We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of students on their right to an education free from violence. We’ve repeatedly testified before congress about the importance of survivors’ rights.
Donating to KYIX is the best way to build youth organizing capacity. We provide on-the-ground support and resources to survivor organizers fighting to uphold their rights.
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  • *Link in bio to purchase our “I Support Survivors” tote* .
We anticipate DeVos new rule will be released in the coming weeks—maybe days—and we need your help.
Fighting these rules will take massive action against ED and schools that adopt harmful portions of the rule. But we’ve never run from an uphill battle and we aren’t starting now.
Survivor and youth organizing is more important than ever. By purchasing this tote you help us provide on the ground support and resources to student survivors and their allies organizing to protect their rights. .
If totes aren’t your thing, we have T-shirts coming on Tuesday! .
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  • Indigenous people are not gone—they are still here. Today is a great day to acknowledge the harms of the U.S. settler-colonial project and pay reparations.
  • @betsydevosed 👀 we would like to see it! #DontRollBackOurRights
  • The epidemic of gender-based violence in this country is one of the spookiest things we could think of.
  • Despite what Betsy DeVos says, queer and trans students' rights are not up for debate. Title IX protects LGBTQ+ students from harassment, violence, and discrimination. 
This #NationalComingOutDay  we are excited to share our newest poster on Title IX and LGBTQ+ students.

Harassment can force LGBTQ students to avoid classes or extracurriculars, stay home from school, or even leave school entirely.

Learn more about Title IX and how it applies to LGBTQ+ students. 
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  • We’re at the Supreme to rally with our queer and transgender siblings. The Supreme Court hears a case on whether or not someone can legally be fired for being queer, transgender, or not adhering to sex stereotypes. 
This case has 3 plaintiffs: ➡️ Gerald Bostock and Donald Zarda were fired for having a partner of the same gender. ➡️ Aimee Stephens was fired for disclosing she was transgender to her boss. 
All of these folks were fired for not adhering to sex stereotypes. 
Currently, LGBTQ folks are protected from discrimination based on sex stereotypes in the workplace. If the court sides with the employers, 28 states would allow employers to freely discriminate against LGBTQ folks.

Additionally, employers would be allowed to discriminate on the bases of sex stereotypes. This could mean that anyone could be discriminated against for not living up to their boss’ idea of a sex stereotype.

While discriminate on the basis of sex is illegal, and we need the Supreme Court to reinforce that. We can also take action to pass the Equality Act. 
Today, we are sending love to our queer and trans siblings. This fight is hard, but we promise to keep demanding better for everyone in our schools and in the workplace.

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If your school (like so many others) is falling short in its policies and procedures in response to gender violence on campus, student activism can be crucial to effecting change. Whether your campus needs policy and judicial process reform, has a lack of crisis response and counseling services, or needs greater prevention education, the Campus Organizing Toolkit will walk you through legal requirements and organizing strategies needed to plan an effective campaign.

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