Stop the attack on survivors’ rights in Missouri

Stop the attack on survivors’ rights in Missouri

A student was expelled for sexual misconduct from Washington University in Missouri– so his dad started a dark money lobbying group to upend Title IX in Missouri. The legislation they’ve proposed would let his son appeal his case to a board of judges where his mom sits.

Enter HB 573, that if passed would tip the scales in favor of respondents in Title IX cases. This bill is moving fast and we need your help to stop it! Take action now–tell legislators in Missouri to stop the attack on survivors’ rights and ensure a fair process for ALL students.

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  • 🎉Happy Birthday #TitleIX. For her birthday, she wants you to know your rights! 🎂
  • These episodes are hard to watch. Take care of yourself and each other. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you’re feeling triggered. .
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  • Ooop... #titleix #handsoffix #ineedix #stopbetsy.  Art by Jason Seroff
  • Police have no business at pride. In 2015, cops arrested #blacklivesmatter activists after their sit-in protest stalled the Chicago Pride Parade for 15 minutes. Pride started as a protest against police brutality—we should celebrate acts of protest, not uphold oppression. This #pridemonth we remember our elders, like Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson, who fought for queer liberation. And honor them by ensuring their vision of justice is not ignored and covered up by the capitalism that now dominates #pride.
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"For some of us, our ideas of love and intimacy — whether they be romantic, platonic or for ourselves — are bound up with our experiences of abandonment and violence. We rarely knew a love that stayed. Or, the safe and stable kind. The tender, forgiving kind. The ask-you-what-you-need kind. The maya-angelou-liberation kind. Or the bell hooks kind, where your love —simply by existing — makes systems shake at their knees, and crumble. And so, even the potential of love — when we’re dating, engaging in self-love practices or deepening friendships — can be a complicated space. We find ourselves always in conversation with ghosts from our past relationships and selves, from our childhood and from our parents/caregivers, from the future-us we fear becoming. Ghosts that tell us we’re unworthy, undeserving and perpetually not enough. .
So, for anyone who needs to hear this: Your complicated feelings are valid. You are learning to dream up worlds you’ve never known. Relationships you’ve never had. Love(s) you’ve never felt. Things that take time. And you so, so deserve it." • • • • • •

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  • 🚨ALERT🚨 Missouri may become the first state with no abortion clinics as early as THIS FRIDAY. Abortion care should be available free and on demand. Support @ppmo_advocates, @aclumo, and @gwafund as they fight for abortion care in MO.

#stopthebans #missouri #abortion #sexualassault #moleg #roevwade
  • Trans lives are in danger. This administration is working to cement their hateful ideological into law—this time by okaying discrimination against transgender people in healthcare. Everyone deserves access to medical care free of discrimination. This proposal will harm trans people who already face significant barriers to accessing health care. Submit a comment to oppose this violent proposal through the link in our bio. #protecttranshealth
  • Here are some helpful phrases if a survivor discloses to you. 
And remember, if a survivor shares their story with you, recognize they have chosen to trust you with a part of themselves that may be difficult to share.
  • You don’t have to share your story for it to be valid. You may share your story the next day, the next year, or never. But no matter the choice you make, your experience is important and real.
  • Excerpt from Michelle Alexander’s @nytimes op-ed “My Rapist Apologized: I still needed an abortion.” The rape exception to abortion is a myth. We all need access to free abortion care on demand. 
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