Get Updates on the Title IX Rulemaking Process

Get Updates on the Title IX Rulemaking Process

On September 22, Betsy DeVos rescinded Obama-era guidance and announced that the Department of Education would be issuing binding regulations on Title IX. In order to create these regulations, the Department must go through a process known as “notice and comment,” which allows members of the public to voice their opinions on the Department’s proposed rules. The Department of Education has announced that notice and comment will begin in March.

We highly encourage students, their families, and allies to participate in notice and comment. If you are interested in receiving updates when notice and comment begins, please sign up for updates. Know Your IX will provide you with a toolkit to help you navigate the process of writing a comment.

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  • “We’re not going to let DeVos rollback survivors’ rights without a fight.” Read our statement on today’s proposed rules.
  • We refus to let DeVos rollback our rights without a fight. #handsoffix
  • Betsy DeVos has released her proposed rules on Title IX, and they’re worse than we could have imagined. These rules would make schools more dangerous and push survivors out of school. DeVos’ proposed rules allow unregulated mediation, bar survivors from their Title IX rights if the violence occurs outside of school programs, removes the timeline for investigations, and has an unequal evidence standard. The good news: the rule isn’t law yet. That’s where all of you students and families come in. You have a voice. Sign up here to submit a comment as soon as the comment period opens and tell DeVos to keep her #HandsOffIX
  • Transgender people face extremely high rates of violence. 1 in 2 transgender people are survivors of sexual assault. Transgender people need more protections, not less. But this administration has been continuously rolling back their rights. We have to protect transgender people and their rights. How are you showing up for transgender people during #transawarenessweek?
  • We know that voting will not single handedly bring the transformative change we need. Especially because of oppressive laws that restrict the voting rights of young people, undocumented people, people with criminal records, and Black and Brown folks in more ways than just one.
Voting is one tactic in a larger strategy for justice and it’s important if you can, to utilize this tactic for change. 
If you’re a MA voter, make sure to vote yes on 3 to uphold protections for transgender people. 
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  • “Because there is literally nothing scarier than the proposed changes to Title IX. @betsydevosed has recommended a draft that will strip survivors of their rights and force them to choose between dropping out of school or sharing a dorm/library/campus with their rapist. 
Let’s all take action and help during the Notice and Comment period to let the DOE know these changes are unacceptable.” Credit: @ronnieyal
  • The Trump Administration’s attempt to erase the existence of transgender people from civil rights law is a heartless attack on millions of people living in the United States. 
About half of all transgender people are survivors. And three-fourths experience harassment or violence while in school. Transgender students need more protections to ensure access to education, not an erasure of their rights. 
Show up for transgender people. Here are seven actions you can take:
  • We believe Dr. Ford, we believe Deborah Ramirez, and we still believe Anita Hill. We believe survivors whether or not they share their story. And as survivors we are sick and tired of living in a world where abusers are appointed to the highest court in the land. Join us and #stopkavanaugh by calling your Senator NOW.
  • A draft of Betsy DeVos' proposed rules are out, and they are worse than we could have imagined. If what is in the draft were to become law, survivors across the country would not longer have equal access to education– many would be required to choose between dropping out of school or sharing a classroom, cafeteria, dorm building, library, and campus with their abuser.

In the draft, DeVos outlines how much money schools will save by stripping away survivors' rights. But we know these costs don't just disappear– the rules would just shift the economic burden onto survivors.

Sexual violence has severe impacts and causes survivors to carry the weight of the violence with them every where they go. That's why we delivered a a $122,461 check, the average lifetime cost of sexual violence per survivor, to Betsy DeVos.

Title IX is supposed to ensure students have equal access to education. But DeVos has made it clear that her only concern are schools bank accounts. Sign up to take action and ensure these draft rules don’t become law! Link in bio
  • The only good thing about DeVos’ proposed rule on Title IX is that they aren’t law yet... Before DeVos’ proposed rules on Title IX can become law they must go through a process called “notice and comment.” N&C is an opportunity for the public to submit feedback on the rule through comments, and the Department of Education is required to respond to this input. Sign up to a write a comment with us and receive materials on how to write a strong comment through the link in our bio!

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