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In response to coverage of university mistreatment of sexual assault survivors, many observers have wondered why schools handle these crimes at all: why not just leave it to the police?
Under Title IX, schools are legally required to respond and remedy hostile educational environments and failure to do so is a violation that means a school could risk losing its federal funding.
  • Not in D.C. for the action today? Make yourself heard by calling the Dept. of Ed at 1 (800) 872 - 5327 with the following script:
----------------------------------------------------My name is ________, and I’m from ________. I'm calling to oppose the appointment of Carlos Muñiz and Candice Jackson as general counsel and acting assistant secretary for civil rights because they are a threat to student survivors of sexual assault. I demand they be replaced with appointees who have demonstrated their commitment to civil rights. I also urge the Department of Education to enforce Title IX. [Feel free to insert your own comments].
  • DC folks: Come tell the Dept. of Education to do their job and enforce Title IX. Meet us at the Dept. of Ed building at 1 pm to make your voice heard. #INeedIX
  • The NO MORE Challenge ends at 2:00 PM TODAY.  In honor of #SAAM, will you help us end gender-based violence and harassment in schools? Link in bio
  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Here is what we'll be talking about all month long. #SAAM
  • This Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we'll be highlighting what survivors need and what survivors definitely *don't* need.  Join the conversation for #SAAM using #SurvivorsNeed
  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This month and every month, Know Your IX strives to amplify the voices of all survivors, especially those disproportionately affected by gender based violence.  We see you, and we believe you. #SAAM
  • Today and everyday we stand with trans and GNC survivors.
  • ATTN GA FOLKS: H.B. 51 has been resurrected in the Senate as S.B. 71. Call your Senators ASAP. The vote is scheduled for today. #StudentsAgainstHB51
Here's is a script to oppose S.B. 71:
Hi, my name is [insert name] and I am from [District/City]. I am calling because I care about Title IX’s protection of students’ rights to go to school in a safe environment, free from discrimination and violence. I oppose Georgia Senate Bill 71 and I urge [insert Representative] to stand with survivors by voting NO on this dangerous bill. S.B. 71 would steal victims’ control over their own sexual assault cases—and create a chilling effect on campus reporting. This means thousands of survivors will be unable to come forward to seek the resources they need to stay in school and perpetrators will avoid any accountability. [If you have any additional comments, you can add them here]. Thank you.
  • The Georgia House of Reps failed to listen to survivors with H.B. 51. Let's make the GA Senate hear us now: GA folks call your senators ASAP to vote NO on S.B. 71.  #StudentsAgainstHB51
  • Alexandra Brodsky, co-founder of Know Your IX, recognizes that gender violence in schools isn't merely a crime: "It's a civil rights issue that threatens students' ability to learn, thrive, and engage in public life, and sex equality broadly.  It's easy to get demoralized with a "pussy grabber" in the Oval Office and an Education Secretary who doesn't believe in federal civil rights." What gives Alexandra hope is Know Your IX.  Join her by saying #NOMORE to sexual violence in schools by supporting student survivors and activists today. *Link in bio*

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If your school (like so many others) is falling short in its policies and procedures in response to gender violence on campus, student activism can be crucial to effecting change. Whether your campus needs policy and judicial process reform, has a lack of crisis response and counseling services, or needs greater prevention education, the Campus Organizing Toolkit will walk you through legal requirements and organizing strategies needed to plan an effective campaign.

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