Stop the attack on survivors’ rights in Missouri

Stop the attack on survivors’ rights in Missouri

A student was expelled for sexual misconduct from Washington University in Missouri– so his dad started a dark money lobbying group to upend Title IX in Missouri. The legislation they’ve proposed would let his son appeal his case to a board of judges where his mom sits.

Enter HB 573, that if passed would tip the scales in favor of respondents in Title IX cases. This bill is moving fast and we need your help to stop it! Take action now–tell legislators in Missouri to stop the attack on survivors’ rights and ensure a fair process for ALL students.

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  • You don’t have to share your story for it to be valid. You may share your story the next day, the next year, or never. But no matter the choice you make, your experience is important and real.
  • Excerpt from Michelle Alexander’s @nytimes op-ed “My Rapist Apologized: I still needed an abortion.” The rape exception to abortion is a myth. We all need access to free abortion care on demand. 
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  • Title IX applies to all schools that receive federal funding, but too few high school students know their rights—and wayyyy too few high schools are doing their part to ensure survivors can stay in school. Learn more at
  • “#ineedix because I deserve to be protected in a world that does not want survivors to thrive.” We all need Title IX. Use #INeedIX to share why.
  • “Not only did Princeton not find [the accused] responsible, they also implemented this extremely harsh sanction in response to her speaking out about her case. This says to her that if you talk to people about how the school handled your case ― we are going to retaliate against you.” - @sagegaea KYIX Manager 
Princeton students need your support while they are demanding better from their school. Find out how your can help by following @princetonixnow
  • Ramadan Mubarak. For the first time in 10 years Ramadan will fall during then school year. Here is a helpful guide to support Muslim students. (Image credit: @icnyu_official)
  • Changing policy and culture takes people power. Check out these tips on raising awareness about your campaign written by and for survivor organizers.
  • A student want expelled for sexual misconduct. So his dad started a dark money lobbying group to upend Title IX and tilt the scale against survivors. These changes would let his son appeal his case to a board of judges where his mom sits. It’s unacceptable that privileged abusers can use their money and connections to overturn survivors rights. Take action through the link in our bio.
  • Engaging in authentic, intentional, and intersectional coalition-building on campus is vital to a successful campaign. Check out these tips on building a strong coalition for your sexual violence organizing. #saam
  • Applications close tomorrow for our 2019-2020 organizers. We are looking for scrappy organizers ages 15-24 to join our team. Apply today through the link in our bio.

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